About Me

I am a Liberal Democrat Councillor for St Mary’s Ward, Beverley on the East Riding of Yorkshire County Council. I am also a Liberal Democrat councillor on Beverley Town Council; as the current Chair of the Council that means I am the Mayor of Beverley.

I have lived in the area for almost 30 years and can understand why other people want to move here! My Grandfather was an East Yorkshireman and my husband and grown-up children and their partners all live and work locally. We need to ensure we do things differently with the increasing number of people – looking after the history but recognising the needs of future generations and increasing inclusivity to ensure we all prosper together.

I have a background in science, having trained as a Biomedical Scientist in the NHS, moving into the pharmaceutical industry whilst in my twenties and rising to the rank of Commercial Director (also with responsibility for Government Affairs and Supply Chain) and General Manager for Ireland. I have been involved with Government and NHS working parties looking at the supply and distribution of medicines as well as testing, packaging, medicines information,  bar-coding and procurement. I studied locally for most of my academic qualifications (HNC, degree and masters) whilst working full time

I have been a Governor at East Riding College and also Longcroft School. I want to ensure everyone has access to educational opportunities so they can achieve their full potential. It is shocking that the East Riding is the 4th least-funded Local Authority for education in the country, yet our young people do really well. Just think how much more they could achieve with even average funding. Education is vital to the prosperity of our country, yet the Tory Government continue to underfund our state schools.

I am a qualified therapist and stress management trainer. To ensure we get the most out of life and perform to our best ability, we need to learn about stress, and how to look after our mental health. I am particularly concerned, though, when good people are exploited for their expertise, pressurised to do more and more and become ill because of it. Too many of valuable workers are over-worked and under-resourced, especially with the current cost of living crisis. No wonder so many are going on strike.

I am an active Christian. I am a Local Preacher, Circuit Steward and Safe-guarding Trainer for the Church. I believe Liberal Democratic values and Methodism align very well – both believe in openness, tolerance and equality – values which have always driven me to do my best to ensure a fair society where all are respected and everyone contributes as much as they can, where everyone who is able pays their fair share and those who cannot pay are given a helping hand until they can.

As a Local Councillor I try my best to fight for the rights of everyone within St Mary’s Ward and the wider area of Beverley and the East Riding. That means representing you and your interests whilst holding East Riding of Yorkshire Council to account for the decisions made on your behalf. You have already seen me out and about, finding out about things which matter to you and fighting for your voices to be heard, informing my Councillor colleagues, Denis Healy and Dave Boynton so that we can together bring about change.

At the same time, I have represented you on Beverley Town Council, for the last two years as Chair, which makes me the Mayor of Beverley. During the last 4 years, the Liberal Democrats have uncovered failings in the way the Council was previously run (by the Conservatives, Labour and Beverley Party) and have put those things right. We have also bought a building, which was important to Beverley’s heritage, to become a Town Hall and community centre – it will not cost a huge amount to refurbish and the people of Beverley will have, at long last, their own Civic space.

I want to ensure Beverley Town Council continues to uphold the highest standards and gets best value for the people of Beverley.